Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kenya, a new country

Violence has erupted in various parts of the country after Kibaki was today declared president in highly disputed results. It appeared he had been sworn in during the day before the results were announced. Kivuitu the ECK commissioner announced the results shortly before nightfall yet Kibaki's State House had bright sunlight. It means the broadcast was a replay.

A petrol station is on fire in Kibera where Kibaki's main challenger is MP. Kitale, Nairobi's South B and Eastleigh estates are engulfed in smoke. Kenya is a new country. God save us all.


Culturekenya said...

Hi Jadhoot. I was covering the Swearing in and it was exactly at the time it was being broadcast. Infact, we had wind of it. Someone said it was to take place the day before, but Honourable( He earned the title) James Orengo saved the situation.
But the spirit was what you said, and i liked the way KTN put it in their prime time news: hastily sworn in at nightfall after an election that observers have termed as flawed. That was super.
Anyway, the violence was so much that after I got into the house at Amboseli, i could not come out until Friday. I came to the office today.

Anonymous said...

wharever, he still stole into the swearing in ceremony.. lets see if he will steal his way to other functions for the rest of his 2nd term