Thursday, December 27, 2007

Voting in Nairobi: Mourning Benazir Bhutto

This is a leaflet at the polling station where I voted today. I exercised my democratic right and I hope it will send Kibaki home. Already there are serious flaws in the voting. My favorite candidate's name was missing from the voter's register. Being Kibaki's main challenger, I cannot see how a major presidential challenger to Kibaki can have his name missing in the register. Finally, Raila Odinga went back to his constituency and voted, but not until he had kicked up somem dust.

Rigging takes some brains.

Related to today's voting in Kenya is the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, a woman I admired a lot for her courage. Like her father before her, she was killed at the altar of political power. She was shot dead today as she entered her car after a rally. The details are scanty but her death is a stark reminder that leaders who cling to power will stop at nothing to hold onto it.

With hindsight, we can see her return to Pakistan was a grave mistake. Pakistan is not ready for her, and her death was probably calculated to deal democracy a fatal blow. I hope Musharaff who recently shed his military skin has a good explanation for this sad event.

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