Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Internally Displaced Person

I'd always read about IDPs. Today I'm one of them. I had to flee from my place where I lived with my family to seek refuge at a friend's place near Nairobi. Where I live is dominated by 'President' Kibaki's Kikuyu people. I got reports that a group of Mungiki were planning to raid houses belonging to non-Kikuyus in their area so I fled with my family.

Incidentally, my neighbors are Kikuyu and they warned me of danger. Not that they were threatening me but warning me of which places to avoid. They were my keepers and I salute them.

I just realized that a website for Kenyans,, is no longer accessible from Nairobi. The media have a ban on live broadcasts so blogs like that were the only reliable source of information, especially for Kenyans abroad.

Today the stalemate between Kibaki and Raila remains. I insist Kibaki needs to resign. In my culture, you do not rob a man of his wife and call him to negotiate as she cooks for you. A rungu on your head will soon bring you back to reality.

I do not advocate violence, especially now that I'm a victim. However, I feel that the kind of turmoil we are experiencing now will teach us to respect the people's will. There is talk that ODM should forget the presidency and move on, or strike a deal with Kibaki. People seem to forget that Kibaki's dishonoring of such gentleman's agreements is legendary. And who knows if he will agree to step down in 2012?

Fellow Kenyans, let us stop the violence, but never forget the lesson from the fiasco in our country. This should never happen again.

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Anonymous said...

what a shame that we still want normalcy even tho we have a president we dont want.
Wish we go back to the polls and he wins or loses honorably.. after all, its at the polls where we get what we want not at the negotiation table.
what a pity.. even karoocy is locked in, so cant slap anyone in public again