Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PNU attempts to scuttle Annan talks

The govt has thrown a spanner into the works by claiming that the proposals by Annan on a transitional govt were not agreed upon.

Watch the denial here:


Kibaki's allies are famous for breaking promises. That's why Annan has ensured that anything they agree to at the talks is in writing and is signed. The ODM side and Annan say the same things about a transitional govt. How come PNU reads from a different script? Could it be because they are reneging on what they agreed on or just pulling their usual stunts?

It must be noted that the govt side, notably govt smokesman Alfred Mutua, Roads minister John Michuki, Karua and Finance minister Amos Kimunya, made remarks to the effect that Africa Union chairman John Kufuor had come to Kenya for tea and not to mediate the talks between Kibaki's allies and ODM.

Annan is away at some secret location in Kenya with the govt and ODM teams. I bet he has read today's newspapers and listened to what Karua and co had to say. We hope he will respond, especially since Karua is the lead team member for the govt side. Not responding will amount to sweeping a very important issue under the carpet. If I were in his place, I would demand Karua's replacement at the talks.

Is the jocular govt saying Kofi Annan came to Kenya for coffee like they said of Kufuor before him? If Karua is woman enough, she should quit the talks now that she feels cheated by Annan.

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