Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bush Agenda for Kenya

Bush will b e visiting Africa from tomorrow. As expected, he has given Kenya a wide berth. This is remarkable considering that he once hosted 'president' Kibaki at the White House some time in 2003. At the time, Kibaki was riding the wave of a popular mandate given by an overwhelming majority of Kenyans. He had taken over from Moi, a veritable African leader of a despotic hue.

Bush will be in Tanzania for four days. He will be in Dar, Arusha and will go to Rwanda. In a few minutes he will be addressing the world on his African trip. Notably, his aides have said he will highlight the need for Kibaki to accept a power-sharing deal with ODM. This is remarkably similar to what former Un boss Kofi Annan said the other day (see blog entry below). … e6j8mf.php
His agenda will also include US-backed efforts to end widespread violence -- which Bush has labeled genocide -- in Sudan's Darfur region, and deadly clashes in Kenya after a disputed December 27 presidential election.

Washington wants to see all parties call for an end to violence; clear the way for humanitarian aid; work out a power-sharing deal to get the government running again; and eventually hold "free and fair elections," said Hadley.

Kibaki and his henchmen have no choice but to accept the deal.

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