Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kibaki supported majimbo!

I have in my hands a copy of the Draft Constitution also known as the Wako Draft or mongrel, whatever. It has on it the seal of the government and it is written 'Kenya Gazette Supplement, 2005. Nairobi, 22nd August, 2005'.


Part I-Structure and Principles of Devolution

Objects and principles of devolution
198.(1)The objects and principles of devolution are to —
(a) ensure the democratic and accountable exercise of sovereign power;
(b) foster national unity by recognising diversity;
(c) give powers of self-governance to the people and enhance the participation of people in the exercise of the powers of the state;
(d) recognize the right of local communities to manage their own local affairs, and to form networks and associations to assist in that management and further their development;
(e) promte social and economic development and the provision of proximate, easily accessed services throughout Kenya, with special provision for less developed areas; and
(f)facilitate the decentralisation of state organs and functions.

(I will not bore you with the details, among which the district is identified as "the unit of devolution").

The rest of the chapter explains how if a conflict arose between the district government and the national one's legislation, the national one prevails. it talks about the management of urban areas within the districts and the procedure for suspending a district government.

Of course, banana did not want to cede much power so there was an amount of central government strangling the district ones.

What is amazing is that Kenyans are listening to Kibaki opposing devolution (majimbo) , conveniently forgeting how he campaigned for this draft with the majimbo section so clearly outlined.

Kibaki is a terrible hypocrite or a very good politician. If he wins this vote, especially on the strength of his opposition to majimbo, I will declare myself the official pumbavu man of Kenya.

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